Concepts, studies and assessments

Waste management concepts

Our employees have been preparing waste management concepts for companies, communities and whole districts since the 1980s. Countries with a poor waste management infrastructure, in particular, need these master plans as basis for further development. First, the status-quo is described and analyzed. In a further step, our engineers define attainable aims and then develop measures which need to be taken to reach these aims. A calculation of investment costs as well as of operating costs helps to make economic decisions.

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One of our main fields of activity are feasibility studies for waste management plants. In these studies we assess the technical and logistic environment in which a plant is to be erected, we compare possible operation processes and prepare calculations of profitability for the plant. Our studies so assist the operator in making important decisions and thus also minimize investment costs.

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Waste and sorting analyses

A profound knowledge of the composition of waste streams serves as the basis for further waste management development and the dimensioning of waste treatment plants. Our employees have carried out waste and sorting analyses in various countries (e.g. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, and Syria) and under various aspects since the 1980s. These analyses can be carried out very efficiently thanks to our very own mobile sorting unit (consisting of a drum screen, a conveyor belt, scales and a laptop computer). Hired employees of accredited laboratories carry out necessary chemical analyses. In order to analyze commercial waste or bulky waste, we have developed a method which accounts for the heterogeneity and bulkiness of these kinds of waste.

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Expert evaluations

Many clients have already made use of our legal knowledge when assessing the abidance by environmental laws, environmental norms or the content of private law contracts. We have repeatedly been asked to assess the subsidies distributed by the Austrian government for the remediation and sealing of contaminated sites according to the Austrian Environmental Support Act or to assess the state of the technology currently used in several waste treatment plants. For due diligence audits, we assess the technical performance of waste treatment plants or waste disposal companies. DI Harather is a sworn and certified expert on waste management, packaging management, landfill management, site remediation, environmental damage, and environmental sustainability.

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