Fire prevention and safety engineering

Fire prevention

Fires are one of the main causes of production downtimes in industrial facilities. It is thus of vital interest to any company to make sure that fires are prevented. In order to prepare and implement a fire prevention master plan which is tailored to the needs of a company, you need experienced experts who know about the legal and normative requirements which have to be met. These requirements concern constructional, operational and organizational aspects. After damages caused by fires, we assess the efficiency of the preventive measures and optimize them.

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explosion precaution

The Explosive Atmospheres Act (ATEX) stipulates that every place of employment has to be assessed according to the risks arising from an explosion. Based on this assessment, each operator has to prepare a fire protection document, which has to be kept up-to-date.
Defining the potentially dangerous zones is certainly the most difficult task when preparing such a document. If these zones are defined too generously, a mistake which often happens if inexperienced engineers assess a plant, the daily operation of the plant is restricted too much. In order to keep these restrictions to an absolute minimum, experienced engineers should assess the plant only. This will make sure that the potentially dangerous zones are kept as small as necessary without putting the company at a risk or violating regulations.
In the course of the last years, IUT has prepared a high number of such documents for various clients, has evaluated the suitability of components and has trained the companies’ employees.

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