Whether you want to optimize the collection and treatment of waste,

extract potentially recyclable materials from waste and use their calorific value,

need help with the implementation of ATEX (European Explosive Atmospheres Directive), with the preparation of fire prevention master plans, emission declarations according to the Emissions Allowance Act, legal requirements following plant licensing procedures ...

... IUT will support you.

IUT is your competent consultant and designer in the field of waste management, during licensing procedures for all kinds of plants, and in the preparation of fire and explosion prevention master plans. As engineering office specializing in mechanical, environmental, agricultural as well as water management engineering, we dispose of highly qualified experts (in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, agricultural engineering and water management, fire prevention and timber construction) with years of relevant experience.

For more than twenty five years, our employees have been preparing waste management concepts, designing and supervising the construction of waste treatment plants and landfills. In the course of time, we have thus become one of the largest Austrian engineering offices in the waste management sector.

Due to their regular participation in and management of ÖNORM (Austrian Standards Institute) committees, and ÖWAV (Austrian Water and Waste Management Association) workshops, our employees have helped to shape the development of the Austrian waste management sector. DI Scharf is Chairman of the Waste Management Committee at the Austrian Standards Institute as well as Chairman of the Waste Management and Remediation Committee at the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association.

The preparation of documents needed in licensing procedures for Industrial facilities, the preparation and implementation of fire prevention master plans as well as all services in connection with the implementation of the European ATEX Directive are further core activities of our company.